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The overall administration of the entire network of SIIRM is overseen by a Board of Management which is comprised of President, Managing Director, CEO, an Advisor to the board, Executive Director, Registrar, Secretary and Members who represent people at the helm of affairs. The office of the President of SIIRM is located at the Jaipur Campus. There is a separate Governing Council consisting of renowned academia and corporate leaders to advise the Board of Management on general management and academic affairs.

Governing Council

Members of the Governing Council and their brief background:
1. Prof. Barbara Cangan President- SIIRM
2. Mrs. Nandana Agarwal Secretary- SIIRM
3. Mr. Elwin Cangan MD-SIIRM
4. Prof. Dr. L.N. Bhagat Former Vice Chancellor- Ranchi University.
5. Dr. Upinder Dhar Vice Chancellor, Shri Vaishnav Vidyapeeth Vishwavidyalaya, Indore.
6. Dr. Roshan Lal Raina Vice Chancellor, J.K. Lakshmipat University, Jaipur
7. Mr. Stany Thomas CEO-SIIRM
8. Dr.Avinash Panwar Director, Centre for E Governance, CMAT
9. Mr.Sunny Sebastian Ex Vice Chancellor, HJU, Jaipur
10. Acharyaji Shri. Sudharm Sagar Jain Acharyaji, Jaipur
11. Mr. R.S. Jodha Ex. GM- NABARD & Consultant NABCON
12. Prof. T.C. Jain Management Board member
13. Dr. N.D. Mathur Subject Expert
14. Mr. A.K. Anand Director, DTE, Govt. of Rajasthan, Nominee
15. Mr. R.P. Yadav Retired VC, RTU
16. Mr. B.L. Soni Director, Rajasthan Police Academy
Nominee AICTE (WRO)
Nominee, AICTE
17. Dr. Jessy John Director, FMS-IRM
16. Dr. R.C.Mathur Professor, FMS-IRM


Board of Studies

Members of Board of Studies of FMS-IRM for the period 2017 – 2018
1. Prof. Barbara Cangan President President, SIIRM
2. Dr. B.R.Madan Advisor, SIIRM
3. Mr. Elwin Cangan MD, SIIRM
4. Mr. Stany Thomas CEO, SIIRM
5. Prof. J.P.Sapra Executive Director, SIIRM
6. Dr. Kamal Mathur Former Director, NIAM
7. Dr. Harsh Dwivedi Professor, RA Poddar Management,
8. Prof. S.C. Bardia, Retired Professor, Department of ABST, University of Rajasthan, Jaipur
9. Dr. Som Deo Professor Emeritus University of Rajasthan
10. Dr. Anil Kothari Associate Professor,
11. Dr.(Prof.) Manoj Kumar, Head & Dean,
12. Dr. R.D. Singh Regional Manager (Retd), IOB
13. Mr. R.K. Jain Advocate
14. Mr.Gaurav Saran EVP, Yes Bank
15. Mr. Rajeev Sogani FCA
16. Mr. Alok Kumar Saini Zonal Marketing Manager, ICICI Bank
17. Mr. Pankaj Bajaj Corporate Consultant
18. Brig. S.K. Gaur Advisor, FMS-IRM, Jaipur
19. Dr. Jessy John Director, FMS-IRM


Academic Council of FMS-IRM, Jaipur
1. Prof. Barbara Cangan President President, SIIRM
2. Mr. Elwin Cangan MD, SIIRM
3. Mr. Stany Thomas CEO, SIIRM
4. Dr. Surinder S. Jodhka Professor of Sociology Centre for the Study of Social Systems, Jawaharlal Nehru University
5. Dr. Anil Mehta Professor & Head, Department of Business Administration, University of Rajasthan
6. Nominee, AICTE
7. Prof. Somesh Dhamija Head - Management (UG), Institute of Business Management, GLA University, Mathura
8. Dr. Roohangiz Hayati Dahiya Subject Expert
9. MR. N.K. Choudhary CMD, Jaipur Rugs
10. Dr. R.C. Mathur Professor
11. Dr. Gaurav Malpani Professor
12. Dr. Terjani Goyal Associate Professor
13. Dr. Jessy John Director, FMS-IRM