FMS-IRM aspires to imbibe this thought across to its various stakeholders through creation and dissemination of quality education in the field of management. This vision allows us to be constantly dynamic and agile in our curriculum. We exploit the flexibility to quickly respond to the precipitously changing global socio-economic condition by efficiently adapting our curriculum to cater to the latest requirement of the corporates.

The Post Graduate Diploma programme at FMS-IRM is a transformational experience for ambitious leaders who want to hone their skill-set, develop their leadership abilities and accelerate their career success.


Once admitted to FMS-IRM, the students go through a comprehensive orientation programme, followed by a weeklong Pre-PGDM Development Programme. This elaborative regiment ensures that all the students are brought up to speed on the latest in the management sector. First Year is common for both PGDM & PGDM-RM programmes, focusing on the various domains of the management sector.


The focus of the first year is on fundamental management subjects in various streams followed by 15-20 days of Winter Internship Programme (after Sem - I) and 60 days of Summer Internship Programme (after Sem-II). The internships are focused on providing first-hand practical experience of working with the corporates.


The Second Year opens new horizons for the students, as they now get to choose their field of specialization. With an intensive industry-oriented curriculum, coupled with the advantage of Dual Specialization, the students possess an advantage over their competition. The fundamental courses along with electives & other numerous add-on courses enrich the students greatly.


A legacy of 100% Placement Record, speaks volumes of the effort put in by the faculty members & the toil of the students. With a plethora of companies visiting IRM for on-campus placements, the student have a wide variety of options available with them to choose & move forward.