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The 2-year full time Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM) programme is approved by AICTE, that is designed to develop world class management professionals with a strong value system. Join the Best college for PGDM with Business Analytics and receive comprehensive training for leadership roles in an ever-evolving business environment.



Transforming Futures with Top-Ranked PGDM College

Well established and perfected over some time, its industry-oriented syllabus and curriculum are constantly updated to remain contemporary as well as futuristic in orientation to groom managers to be ready to meet the ever-changing demands of global business.

These programmes are based on the pattern of similar programs offered by top-notch B-schools in India and abroad. The two-year programme, spanning over four semesters, consists of 42 theoretical courses in the respective stream and two industrial internship programs. In the first year, the focus is to introduce a curriculum related to various fundamental management streams followed by 20 20-day Winter Internships and 60-day Summer Internships. In the second year, the students can choose their dual specialization subjects.

Message from The Director

The programme PGDM/PGDM-RM is a specially designed rigorous academic program that transforms students into highly accomplished individuals with significant domain expertise, analytical abilities, business acumen, and the ability to execute effectively. During their summer internships, students are guided by accomplished faculty members with a strong background in research and teaching. They acquire foundational classroom knowledge and learn to apply it to real-world business situations, honing their problem-solving skills at both conceptual and practical levels. At IRM, students are also active in Corporate Competitions, Online certifications, and diverse sports and club activities, contributing to a well-rounded education.
Dr. Terjani Goyal Director IRM, Jaipur



Students can earn a dual specialization by opting for elective courses in any two functional areas of management. The bouquet of specialization comprises of Finance, Marketing, IT, HRM, and International Business. Each specialization area offers many innovative courses for emerging careers in management.

FMS - IRM follows a continuous system of assessment and evaluation for the measurement of learning outcomes by students. Each course therefore assesses learning by a blend of quizzes, assignments, case/exercise analysis, discussion/report submission, project/term paper, mid-term examination, and end-term examination.

Pedagogy The Faculty employs the latest techniques in teaching and training the students. The methods used are classroom sessions, seminars, workshops, group exercises, take-home assignments, case studies, term papers, presentation of written and oral reports, business and behavioral games, and field practices of varying duration. There are guest lectures by visiting dignitaries regularly.

Attendance To inculcate organizational discipline among the students and to make the learning process more effective students must obtain a minimum of 75% attendance in each course, to be allowed to appear for the examination.

Evaluation & Grading The Evaluation of student performance in each subject unit has three components:

  • Continuous Evaluation
  • Mid-Term Examination
  • End-Term Examination

Continuous evaluation is carried out through various devices such as Class Participation, Unannounced Quizzes, Assignments, Term Papers, Case Presentations, Class Tests and live Projects. The Mid-Term Examination is an online evaluation process wherein the students appear on a computer based online objective examination. A written End-Term examination at the end of each semester concludes the evaluation of the student for that semester. In addition, an assessment of the Managerial Traits (MT) of students in terms of general conduct on the campus, overall discipline, organizational skills, leadership abilities, and communication skills will be done by a separate panel nominated by the President who keeps a close vigil on each student and also interacts with each faculty member, before awarding the above marks to the students.

Grading Examination is represented by grades on a ten-point scale as mentioned below :

Marks Grade Qualitative Description Grade Point
91 – 100 A++ Exceptional 10
81 – 90 A+ Excellent 9
71 – 80 A Very Good 8
61 – 70 B+ Good 7
51 – 60 B Above Average 6
40 – 50 C Average 5
Below 40 F Fail 0

The semester performance of the student is indicated as SGPA (Semester Grade Point Average) at the end of each semester. The CGPA (Cumulative Grade Point Average) is used to describe overall performance in all subjects in letter grades which a student has obtained.

Minimum Academic Requirements :

  • The student must score a minimum Grade ‘C’ in each subject unit.
  • The minimum passing Semester Grade Point Average (SGPA) for each semester is 5.0.

The student should secure a minimum overall Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) of 5 at the end of final year to be declared as ‘Pass’.

Training is imparted on a customary basis in the form of Need Assessment Programmes, Personality Development Workshops, Placeability Enhancement Training, Simulation Exercises, Industry Interaction Programmes, and Village Stay Programmes. Moreover, the Summer Internship Programme (SIP), Winter Internship Programme (WIP), and the project presentation component deliver maximum exposure to the students to real-life situations and on-field realities. The Summer Internship Programme is conducted at Off-Campus Centers (OCC) which comprises a network of companies and developmental organizations, listed by the CPC.

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PGDM Programme Specialization


  • Our PGDM in Marketing program is your gateway to success in your marketing career. Immerse yourself in a curriculum that combines theoretical knowledge with practical application. Develop expertise in strategic marketing, consumer insights, and digital marketing.


  • PGDM Program in Finance. Gain a thorough understanding of financial principles, investment strategies, and risk management. Our curriculum is designed to develop the analytical skills and financial acumen essential to success in the financial industry.

Human Resource Management:

  • Our PGDM in Human Resource Management. Immerse yourself in a comprehensive curriculum that includes talent acquisition, employee relations, performance management, and organizational development. Develop critical HR skills through practical experience and industry-related projects.

International Business Management

  • Our PGDM in International Business Management. This comprehensive program is designed to equip aspiring professionals with the skills they need to succeed in the global marketplace. Immerse yourself in courses covering international trade, cross-cultural management, and global business strategy.

Digital Business Management:

  • Our PGDM in Digital Business Management. Learn more about digital innovation, e-commerce strategy, and data-driven decision-making in this dynamic program. Learn the skills to lead your business in an ever-evolving digital environment. Our curriculum is designed to foster creativity, strategic thinking, and adaptability in the digital space.

Milestones and Achievements

Our achievements are a testament to our commitment to transformative education and creating a positive impact on society.

Ranked A+++

Among India’s Best B-Schools - Business India

Ranked AAA

Among India’s Best B-Schools - Careers 360

Ranked 5th

Among Top B-Schools of Super Excellence - CSR

Ranked 16th

Among Top Private PGDM Institutes of India - Outlook




Educate students with knowledge, skills and management perspectives to provide leadership to the organizations.


Develop understanding about diverse and dynamic global business environment.


Analyze and evaluate opportunities and difficulties at different levels of strategic development and policy implementation.


Develop decision-making and critical thinking skills, using both quantitative and qualitative analysis.


Programme Outcomes of PGDM After the successful completion of the programme the graduates shall be able to:


Apply knowledge of management theories practices and demonstrate managerial skills to solve business problems.


Foster analytical and critical thinking ability for data based decision making.


Develop value based leadership ability and practice collaborative skills.


Understand, analyze andevaluate global, legal and ethical aspect of business.


Lead themselves and others for the achievement of organizational goals.


Possess the skills required to integrate concepts from various disciplines to identify and develop business strategies.


Have innovative mindset and will demonstrate resourcefulness to lead entrepreneurial and strategic ventures.

Industry-Oriented Program


Engage in a dynamic, globally relevant curriculum for managerial success


Certificate with International Recognition

Enhance your skills with an internationally recognized Business Analytics qualification from the UK's Institute of Analytics. This Certificate will give you a deep understanding of analytics and prepare you for the dynamic world of data-driven decision-making. Sign up to gain a competitive advantage and explore global business analytics career opportunities.

  • Gain in-depth knowledge of advanced analytical techniques.
  • Gain hands-on experience with real datasets.
  • Improve decision-making skills through practical application.
  • Obtain a globally recognized certification from a renowned institution.
  • Access to business analytics networking and collaboration opportunities.
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