A Celebration of Achievements, Memories, and Lifelong Bonds

Celebrating Success, Reliving Memories

Milaap 2024

Milaap 2024 - A Grand Alumni Meet

Milaap 2024 brought together alumni for a joyful celebration, fostering connections and remembering the common experiences that make up a vibrant community.

Milaap 2023

Milaap 2023 - A Grand Alumni Meet

Milaap 2023 became a cherished moment for graduates in the spirit of friendship, creating a web of reliving old stories, forging new connections, and sharing experiences and achievements.

Milaap 2022

Milaap 2022 - A Grand Alumni Meet

With a sense of warmth and nostalgia, Milaap 2022 brought together alumni to celebrate bonds, renew friendships, and reflect on the journey that unites us in the spirit of the FMS-IRM fraternity.

Milaap 2021

Milaap 2021 - A Grand Alumni Meet

Milaap 2021 continues to connect alumni virtually during these unprecedented times, sharing memories and embodying the enduring spirit of FMS-IRM. The victory was a testament to resilience.

Milaap 2020

Milaap 2020 - A Grand Alumni Meet

Milaap 2020 was a year of growth and accomplishments, a fun reunion for alumni, networking, and celebrating the successes and shared legacy of FMS-IRM.

Milaap 2019

Milaap 2019 - A Grand Alumni Meet

Milaap 2019 was a trip down memory lane as alumni gathered for a vibrant reunion where laughter was heard, stories were told, and the spirit of FMS-IRM shined brightly.

Milaap 2018

Milaap 2018 - A Grand Alumni Meet

Under the stars, Milaapu 2018 is a magical night of connections and memories as alumni gather to celebrate friendships, share experiences, and strengthen the bonds of FMS-IRM.

Milaap 2017

Milaap 2017 - A Grand Alumni Meet

Milaap 2017 exuded nostalgia and created a tapestry of shared memories, laughter, and friendships. Alumni gathered to tell the story of the FMS-IRM tradition and the enduring ties that bind us.