Anti-Ragging Policy

Striving for a Campus Free from Harassment and Promoting Dignity and Respect.


At FMS-IRM, we are committed to fostering a campus culture that values ​​respect, inclusion, and well-being. Any form of rip-off is strictly prohibited on our premises. Our approach to interacting with students focuses on friendship, mutual support, and building a positive learning environment. We believe in fostering strong bonds between students and fostering lifelong friendships.

To ensure the safety and mental health of our students, FMS-IRM has implemented a strict anti-ragging policy. We implement awareness programs, carry out regular monitoring, and provide support mechanisms to eliminate signs of wear and tear. Our goal is to create an atmosphere where all students feel safe and welcome and are free to focus on their academic and personal growth without fear of harassment or intimidation.

Myths & Facts About Ragging



  • dot It gives students courage and strength and prepares them for difficult situations.
  • dot Trolling helps break the tension between seniors and juniors.


  • dot The kind of boldness that rags evoke is a very weak concept.
  • dot This is an archaic interaction technique with some detrimental effects.
  • dot It alienates students and harms their mental health.

Ragging at FMS-IRM Shall be


cognizable offence

liable for rustication

strictly punishable by law

FMS-IRM Comprehensive Anti-Ragging Measures

  • dot All students at FMS-IRM are required to sign an anti-ragging declaration upon admission.
  • dot Billboards displaying anti-ragging messages are prominently placed across the campus, including common areas and facilities.
  • dot Mobile patrols, comprising security personnel, actively monitor the campus to deter any instances of ragging.
  • dot Announcements during inaugural ceremonies reinforce the institution's commitment to anti-ragging measures.
  • dot New students are provided with contact numbers of key personnel to report any potential ragging incidents.
  • dot Suggestions/Complaint boxes are strategically placed for anonymous reporting of ragging cases.
  • dot FMS-IRM maintains an active Anti-Ragging Squad and Committee for prompt action.
  • dot Faculty members play a pivotal role in vigilant supervision to prevent ragging instances.
  • dot Cultural and sports activities are encouraged to foster healthy interactions between freshers and seniors.
  • dot Surprise checks, especially during night hours, ensure a secure environment in hostels.
  • dot New students are strategically accommodated on a separate floor/wing to minimize ragging possibilities.
  • dot Strict adherence to class schedules ensures a focused academic environment, discouraging untoward activities.
  • dot Proactive vigilance during events and functions safeguards against any ragging attempts.
  • dot FMS-IRM stands steadfast in its commitment to maintaining a ragging-free campus, offering unwavering support to students.