Embark on a flexible and accessible educational journey with IGNOU courses offered at Jaipur Learning Center (23150). Providing quality education at your doorstep, Indira Gandhi National Open University offers a variety of courses to suit different academic interests.



Your Education: IGNOU Courses Offered

Diverse learning journey (23150) with IGNOU courses from IIRM Jaipur, an accredited learning center. Our flexible distance learning options allow you to pursue your academic goals independently. Explore a variety of programs tailored to your interests and career goals. IGNOU's comprehensive curriculum will enhance your educational experience and give you valuable skills and knowledge. Whether you are interested in management, rural development, or any other field, a partnership with IGNOU offers a variety of opportunities.

IGNOU's diverse services allow you to customize your learning experience to suit your needs. Recognized as an IGNOU learning center, IIRM Jaipur ensures a seamless and enriching educational journey. Whether you are a professional looking to improve your skills or a student looking to expand your academic horizons, collaborating with IGNOU will provide you with the flexibility and quality education you need.

Message from The Director

The programme PGDM/PGDM-RM is a specially designed rigorous academic program that transforms students into highly accomplished individuals with significant domain expertise, analytical abilities, business acumen, and the ability to execute effectively. During their summer internships, students are guided by accomplished faculty members with a strong background in research and teaching. They acquire foundational classroom knowledge and learn to apply it to real-world business situations, honing their problem-solving skills at both conceptual and practical levels. At IRM, students are also active in Corporate Competitions, Online certifications, and diverse sports and club activities, contributing to a well-rounded education.
Dr. Terjani Goyal Director IRM, Jaipur


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Next Level Learning: PG Programs

Master of Social Work (MSW)

  • Master of Social Work (MSW) Program in Jaipur. Our comprehensive curriculum focuses on developing the skills and knowledge needed to address current societal issues. Join us and become a caring and effective social worker who creates positive change in your community.

Master of Social Work (Counseling) (MSWC)

  • Master of Social Work (Counseling) (MSWC) Program in Jaipur. This program is designed to help you improve your counseling skills and make meaningful changes in your personal life. Join us and become a caring and knowledgeable counselor dedicated to promoting mental health.

Post-Graduate Diploma in Rural Development (PGDRD)

  • Our Postgraduate Diploma Program in Rural Development (PGDRD). Tailored to provide comprehensive knowledge and practical skills, this program is a stepping stone to bringing about positive change in rural communities. Join us to contribute to sustainable development and leave a lasting impression.

Bachelor of Social Work (BSW)

  • Our Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) degree program is designed to teach empathy and develop practical skills. It will prepare you to deal with various social issues. Join us as a caring change-maker committed to improving lives and driving positive social change.

Certificate Programme in Rural Development (CRD)

  • This program provides essential knowledge and skills to make a meaningful contribution to the recovery of rural communities. Join us to make a positive impact on society and build the foundation for a rewarding career in rural development.

Certificate in NGO Management (CNM)

  • This program is designed to improve effective management and leadership skills in non-governmental organizations. Gain insight into the dynamics of the nonprofit sector and make a difference in the world of social impact. Join us to turn your passion for change into a meaningful career.

Diploma in Panchayat Level Administration & Development (DPLAD)

  • Acquire the knowledge and skills necessary for effective administrative management at the local level. This program prepares you to make a meaningful contribution to the growth and development of rural areas. Join us in strengthening local governance structures.

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Industry-Oriented Program


Engage in a dynamic, globally relevant curriculum for managerial success


Certificate with International Recognition

Enhance your skills with an internationally recognized Business Analytics qualification from the UK's Institute of Analytics. This Certificate will give you a deep understanding of analytics and prepare you for the dynamic world of data-driven decision-making. Sign up to gain a competitive advantage and explore global business analytics career opportunities.

  • Gain in-depth knowledge of advanced analytical techniques.
  • Gain hands-on experience with real datasets.
  • Improve decision-making skills through practical application.
  • Obtain a globally recognized certification from a renowned institution.
  • Access to business analytics networking and collaboration opportunities.
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Developing Comprehensive Managerial Skills for Global Success

Master your leadership, strategic thinking and problem-solving skills with our carefully designed PGDM program for global success.

Get ready for success with great job opportunities

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