We celebrate your academic journey at our Convocation – a momentous occasion of achievement and new beginnings.

Highlights of Past Events

Convocation 2024

21st Convocation at FMS-IRM

The 21st convocation at FMS-IRM marks a milestone and signifies academic excellence, success, and the beginning of a new path. It's a celebration of knowledge, accomplishments, and the future that lies ahead.


20th Convocation at FMS-IRM

The 20th academic convocation at FMS - IRM reflects two decades of academic excellence and is a testament to achievements, growth, and the continued pursuit of education and knowledge.

19th Convocation

19th Convocation at FMS-IRM

The 19th Convocation at FMS-IRM marks another milestone in academic excellence and celebrates the achievements of our graduates and the institute's commitment to developing future leaders.

18th Convocation

18th Convocation at FMS-IRM

The 18th Convocation at FMS-IRM is proud and joyful to recognize the hard work and dedication of our graduates and to support them on their journey to success. Recognized the institute's continued pursuit of excellence.

17th Convocation

17th Convocation at FMS-IRM

As we gather to celebrate our accomplishments, the 17th Convocation at FMS-IRM celebrates our commitment to knowledge, growth, and future leaders through quality education. It was a symbol of an empowering education.

16th Convocation

16th Convocation at FMS-IRM

The 16th Convocation was held at his FMS-IRM to commemorate a significant chapter of academic achievement and continued commitment to promoting brilliance and leadership in education. We put our hands together to celebrate our efforts.