IRM's PGDM in Rural Finance is a specialized program designed to provide students with the skills and knowledge necessary to navigate the unique financial landscape of rural areas.



Strengthening Rural Economy: PGDM in Rural Finance

Check out IRM's PGDM in Rural Finance. This program is designed to develop practical financial skills for rural areas. Learn about microfinance, agricultural lending, and rural banking to positively impact rural communities. Gain practical experience and contribute to financial inclusion and sustainable development.

Advance your career while driving meaningful change in rural finance with our industry-relevant curriculum and expert instructors. Join us on a journey of learning, innovation and social responsibility at the heart of agricultural economics and rural management education. Enrich your future with IRM's Rural Finance PGDM.

Message from The Director

The programme PGDM/PGDM-RM is a specially designed rigorous academic program that transforms students into highly accomplished individuals with significant domain expertise, analytical abilities, business acumen, and the ability to execute effectively. During their summer internships, students are guided by accomplished faculty members with a strong background in research and teaching. They acquire foundational classroom knowledge and learn to apply it to real-world business situations, honing their problem-solving skills at both conceptual and practical levels. At IRM, students are also active in Corporate Competitions, Online certifications, and diverse sports and club activities, contributing to a well-rounded education.
Dr. Terjani Goyal, Director, FMS-IRM, Jaipur



The program typically covers a wide range of topics related to rural agribusiness, including agricultural production, supply chain management, rural marketing, agricultural finance, agricultural policy, and sustainable agricultural practices. Students learn about the specific dynamics of rural economies, agriculture-based livelihoods, and the integration of technology and innovation in rural agribusiness.


Microfinance : Microfinance plays a significant role in rural finance by providing small loans, savings, and other financial services to low-income rural households and small businesses. Microfinance institutions (MFIs) specialize in reaching rural populations who may have limited access to formal financial institutions. Microfinance services help rural entrepreneurs start and expand their businesses, including agricultural and non-agricultural activities.

Rural Banking : Establishing banking infrastructure in rural areas is crucial for promoting financial inclusion. Rural banks or branches of commercial banks in rural areas provide basic banking services such as savings accounts, current accounts, remittances, and access to credit. These banks often work closely with agricultural and rural development programs to provide financial services tailored to rural communities' needs.

PGDM in Rural Finance Program. This specialized course has been carefully designed to develop financial leaders with a focus on rural development. At IRM, we recognize the important role of finance in transforming rural landscapes, and our curriculum reflects this commitment.

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Career Opportunities

Our PGDM in Rural Finance opens up a wide range of career opportunities. Graduates of this program are equipped to contribute to the financial development of rural areas. Here are some of the exciting career paths and positions that await our graduates.

  • Rural Finance Manager: Oversee financial operations tailored to the unique needs of rural communities.
  • Microfinance Specialist: Drive microfinance initiatives, providing financial services to small-scale entrepreneurs in rural areas.
  • Agricultural Credit Analyst: Evaluate creditworthiness and manage credit portfolios in the agricultural sector.
  • Financial Inclusion Officer: Develop strategies to enhance financial access and inclusion in rural regions.
  • Community Development Manager: Lead initiatives promoting sustainable economic growth and development in rural communities.
  • Rural Banking Executive: Manage banking operations with a focus on rural customers and their specific financial needs.
  • Project Coordinator - Rural Initiatives: Coordinate and implement financial projects aimed at uplifting rural areas.
  • Agricultural Finance Consultant: Provide expert advice on financial matters related to agriculture and rural enterprises.
  • Social Impact Analyst: Evaluate and measure the social impact of financial initiatives in rural settings.
  • Entrepreneurship Development Officer: Facilitate the growth of rural enterprises by providing financial guidance and support.


Gain comprehensive skills and strategic financial understanding through the PGDM program and aim for success in the dynamic financial sector.


Admission Requirements :

To be eligible for our PGDM program in Marketing Management, you need to fulfill the following criteria:

  • Bachelor's Degree: A bachelor's degree in any discipline from a recognized university or institution.
  • Entrance Exam: Qualify in the entrance examination conducted by our institution or other approved examination bodies.
  • Personal Interview: Successfully clear the personal interview round, which evaluates your aptitude, communication skills, and motivation for pursuing the program.
  • Academic Performance: Demonstrate a strong academic record throughout your educational journey.
  • For more information, feel free to contact us or visit our campus to meet our faculty and learn more about our offerings. We look forward to welcome you.


  • Experienced Faculty: Our faculty members bring a wealth of academic expertise and industry experience, ensuring that students receive practical insights along with theoretical knowledge.
  • State-of-the-art Infrastructure: We provide a conducive learning environment with modern facilities, including well-equipped classrooms, a dedicated finance lab, and access to financial databases and software.
  • Industry Collaboration: Our collaborations with industry leaders and regular industry interactions keep the curriculum updated and provide valuable networking opportunities.
  • Holistic Development: Along with finance knowledge, we emphasize the overall personality development of our students through workshops, seminars, and co-curricular activities.
  • Placement Assistance: Our dedicated placement cell works closely with students to connect them with reputed organizations and help them secure rewarding job placements.

Industry-Oriented Program


Engage in a dynamic, globally relevant curriculum for managerial success


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