• 22-02-2020 10:27:12

    Industrial Visit to Mahindra

    The industrial visit is beneficial to the students as it provides industrial exposure and an understanding about the corporate world. Experience the theoretical knowledge in practical at industry is far way better to understand the things. These visits take us from the field of bookish knowledge to the field of practical knowledge, from the realm of imagination we come down to reality.

    For such exposure and experience we make a visit with FMS-IRM Students to Mahindra Tractors Manufacturing in Jaipur which was one in Rajasthan. During the visit to Mahindra students observed and understand the control process of operations and assembly of Mahindra Tractors.

    These visits have discussed about the realistic approach towards the management of planning, operations, promotions, stalling, financing, productions, and many more. Such industrial visits make students to know various necessary factors and steps to be taken for business process with proper sequence to complete particular task.

    Industrial visits also prepares physically and psychologically for working environment of corporate. Visits to industry helps reducing the gap between student life and coming real life.

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